A relationship without words and without judgement.

The partnership between horse and handler provides a rich environment for personal development on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Horses offer a relationship without words and without judgement. Negotiating the boundaries of this relationship can provide new insights into ways of approaching the aspects of life that are challenging or intimidating.

On an emotional level; being around and working with the horses gives people a chance to experience acceptance, approval and affection. It is powerful, profound and offers something to the most isolated and hard to reach among us.

Working with the horses can provide many opportunities for metaphorical learning. This experience can draw attention to patterns of thought, emotion or behaviour. Patterns that may have been unhelpful but are difficult to look at, challenge or change. This awareness can begin in the context of the interactions with the horses but it can also be taken out into the world and applied to interactions with other people.

From a physical perspective; we have a specific focus on improving body awareness, balance and mobility. With the help of the horses we facilitate a ridden sensory experience which offers an opportunity for release and has great benefits in terms of developing motor proficiency. 

Equine therapy offers a useful alternative to conventional routes particularly for those who have previously found it difficult to engage with therapy. 

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