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Forest School is an approach to outdoor play and learning which takes place in a woodland environment. It offers children and adults the chance to get in touch with their inner adventurer.

The philosophy of Forest School is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences.  The woods are rich with opportunities for exploration, play, adventure and creativity. Sessions involve a range of activities including crafts, games, using tools, den building and campfires.

The Forest School ethos focuses on the holistic development of those taking part. It is a client led approach and each session is adapted to suit the individual and group needs.  As well as learning about the natural environment and developing practical skills the sessions involve problem solving, managed risk taking and team work. These factors help children and adults to develop self-awareness, build confidence and improve their communication skills.

Hannah currently works with Get Out More to offer Forest School sessions in Harrogate and Keighley.

Get Out More is a social enterprise on a mission to help people engage with nature and to feel better in mind and body.

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